What makes us

Video Production Cornwall

We are a video production agency that lives and breathes social media. With a team of creative storytellers who can bring any idea to life, our videos drive sales, build engagement and create brand awareness.


No two videos we make are ever the same and we are passionate about making outstanding content. Our agile nature means we can respond to events as they happen, keeping your socials fresh and up to date. It also means we are highly cost effective. 


Based here in sunny Cornwall we work across the UK for clients of all sizes. Our seaside location close to one the UK’s leading creative institutions means we have access to some of the best filmmaking talent out there. 

Why Bull & Wolf?

Camera Set Up

Our process is smooth

We want to start by getting to know you and your business. If we know your expectations for a project then we can better advise on the most relevant video output and process.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. This is the phase where we write storyboards and shot-lists. Chris gets nervous if shoots aren’t meticulously planned, he starts shaking, I’ve seen it happen. So to avoid that let’s make sure we have all angles covered.  

‘The fun bit’. Let’s give you/your product/your brand the spotlight and put all our planning into action. It will go smoothly, we promise.

It’s time to put it all together. You can put your feet up here, we’ll be in touch shortly with a first version of your project. We use Frame.io as our feedback platform making discussing changes a breeze. 

Is that the sound of an email notification? Yes, yes it is and therein lies your finished project. Download it and share it with the world.

We don’t want that to be goodbye. We’d love to hear how your project has been received and to know where we can improve.

Let’s get cracking with the next project? 






Having worked in TV on shows such as Hunted, Celebrity Hunted and Extra Gear, Joe founded Bull & Wolf Film Co. to bring social ready video to brands across the UK. A keen eye for the latest trends, Joe knows to build strategies and content that delivers results. When he’s not overseeing everything he can be found on a SUP down at Gylly Beach or walking Kruger, his black lab.


Favourite Movie: Drive


Guilty Pleasure: Bad pop music


Favourite Song of All Time: Caviar Dreams – Al Bairre and PHFAT



As our Creative Director, Chris oversees all things creative, ensuring our films stand out and we live up to our motto – ‘we don’t do boring’. When he’s not working you’ll often find him in the surf at Gwithian or doing up his old VW Transporter.


Favourite Movie: In Bruges


Guilty Pleasure: Space Jam


Favourite premiere pro shortcut: Actually no that’s too nerdy


First ‘proper’ camera of my own: Panasonic G2

Sarah Headshot



Sarah is our admin superhero, helping everything run smoothly. She helps to manage contracts, invoicing and anything else admin related. 


Favourite movie: Bringing up Baby


Guilty Pleasure : Steps


Favouirte Place : Amalfi Coast

Barney Headshot



Barney is here to help ensure our content is cinematic, engaging, and just what our clients are looking for. When he’s not working, he can normally be founded fishing off the rocks in Falmouth, or falling off his skateboard, much to the dismay of his dear old mum.


Favourite movie: Doctor Strangelove


Guilty pleasure: Socks with sandals


Happy place: Anywhere within close proximity of cake

Will Headshot



Will keeps on top of all things post-production at Bull & Wolf, making sure our video content is slick, professional and captivating from the very first second. Outside of working hours, Will likes to write and direct his own short films and plays his guitar as loudly and as often as his neighbours will let him. 


Favourite TV Show: Breaking Bad


Guilty Pleasure (and actual favourite TV show): Gilmore Girls


Favourite song of all time: Greatest Dancer by Sister Sledge

Kruger Headshot



We can’t be pack without having a real wolf in it now can we? If you ever pop to see us in our studio expect to be greeted by our resident pooch upon arrival. 


Favourite Activity: Retrieving tennis balls


Favourite Food: Anything, he’s a Labrador. Although if pressed, it’ll be peanut butter


Where can he be found: Asleep

We also work with a cohort of amazing freelancers and professionals, from drone pilots to animators and graphic designers.

(not all that)


but sill things we thought you’d like to know!

Not at all. We pride ourselves on pricing competitively and only giving you want you need. As a guide, our projects start from £2,500. For a bespoke quote get in touch with us or book a call.

We know what each platform favours.

Whether this means creating square videos for feed posts, thirty-one second 16:9 ads for YouTube or unskippable social stories, we’ll be your guide through the confusing world of social media optimisation.

Where do you need us to be? We regularly film for our clients the length and breadth of the UK. Point to the map and we can have our crew there filming your content in no time.

The salty sea air focusses our creative minds…

But seriously we love living and working in Cornwall. It’s packed with creative people, an enviable work-life balance and we surprisingly have some of the fastest internet speeds in the country.

We have a team of talented editors working tirelessly to craft your videos and can have first versions of projects ready for review 48 hours after we’ve shot them.

We’ve got you. Making lots of content is kind of what we do! Book a call and let’s talk about the most time efficient and cost effective way of producing this exciting project.