Set up in 2018 by Joe Turnbull, Bull & Wolf Film Co brought together his passion for storytelling with a keen eye for strategy and marketing. Having previously worked in the television industry, Joe has set his sights on Bull & Wolf becoming one of Cornwall’s leading video agencies. Specialising in digital first video production, our aim is to create the most engaging and cinematic stories for the digital and social age.


With a trusted network of videographers, editors, other creatives and strategists, Bull & Wolf are able to offer projects from small one man operations up to full scale studio productions. We work across a number of sectors, with recent experience in retail, tourism, hospitality and food & drink.


We work across Cornwall and the rest of the UK, delivering engaging video for businesses big and small. Our clients have included some of Cornwall’s most exciting up and coming brands, major multinational corporations, and international award winning drinks companies.



The devil is in the detail, and no more so with video production. As a full-service video production company we can work with you from idea conception to delivery, planning locations, scripts and storyboards. We get under the skin of your brand, build a video strategy for you, and then produce the content required to deliver it. Or, you may already know what you are looking for and we can put the pieces of the jigsaw together to make it a reality.


Action! Our experience working on big budget TV productions comes into its own when we get behind the camera. With some of the latest kit and technology with 4k capability, combined with fantastic crew options we bring a whole new meaning to high quality production. We work tirelessly to put those in front of the camera at ease, produce stunning content, and deliver unique and original perspectives.


This is where all the hard work preparing and filming finally comes together. Great post-production can be the difference between a good video and a great video. This is where we source our music, put together the graphics, build stories and develop brand identities. What’s more we specialise in creating content that works across different social media platforms, editing all our content so that it fits perfectly wherever it is being viewed.



Technology has transformed filming, and we always strive to be at the forefront of drone technology. We use the latest drones from DJI and are authorised to operate at all hours of the day. Drones form a key part of our video offer, whether as part of a larger productions or a standalone service for clients across different sectors. With aerial imagery offering a unique perspective of any activity, it enables your material to stand out from the crowd.

Fully authorised by the CAA for commercial aerial operations.


£1 million public liability insurance from a specialist insurer.

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We have undergone training at one of the country’s leading pilot schools.

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We received a Grant from the BIG2 Project funded from the ERDF as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2022, which partly funded new filmmaking equipment which we commissioned in October 2018. This equipment will transform our ability to produce outstanding content and high quality filmmaking.

In 2019 we received a Creative Investment Grant from Cultivator Cornwall, funded from the ERDF, Cornwall Council and Arts Council England to purchase a new aerial filmmaking equipment. This new equipment will be used to significantly improve our aerial operations with longer flying times, higher quality images and footage and improved all day filmmaking abilities.

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