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Want to engage new customers on social media?


We utilise engaging social animations to help you shout about what you do and reach new audiences.


We start by getting to know your business and your aims. Once we know this we can begin to plan the video and suggest what we think to be the best course of action. Will the full video be animated or just aspects of it? Our personal preference tends to be a mix of animation and live action (real life footage) as this is the most engaging combination. Do we need to create a character or animate a graph to explain a complex goal or achievement. We will work with you to create a storyboard for the videos so that every aspect has been considered. We can even help you script an explainer video and record voiceover if required.


Once the pre-production has been completed then we can shoot. You can take this opportunity to show off your business. We can rally the team, bring in actors and props or keep it nice and simple. We’ll also capture stunning and relevant footage to help illustrate your words. 


We will take all of this and edit it all together so that the story flows and everyone comes across at their best. This is where the animation comes in, we’ll animate on top of the footage we’ve shot or create a video from scratch. We use a hassle-free review platform to make the post production process absolutely painless. Once any changes have been made and you’re happy with the final video we will send you a download link and you can set your videos free into the world. At which point we’ll be the first to sit back with some popcorn and enjoy the show. 


We’ll also plant your trees for a project well done.


'Bull & Wolf made it possible for us to explain a complex idea in 90 seconds, 30 seconds and (for the really short-of-time), 15 seconds. They supported us to clarify our messaging, optimised the content for our audience as well as the platforms we’re using to run the campaign. They’re nice and straightforward to work with and really understand how to communicate through social media'
Chloe Severn
Project Manager, The University of Plymouth

Videos that

The University of Plymouth needed video to help to visualise the ‘Knowledge Exchange’ in their new explainer video for use as YouTube preroll. Utilising our scriptwriter to distil the information and package it into an easy to understand script, we created an explainer video from existing footage and animated text.

Why animation?

Yes sometimes that’s what we think when we hear ‘animation’ too but in our experience animation is simply another tool to aid the visual representation of your stories. 

Whether it’s sending your logo flying into space, visualising a complex idea with icons and graphics or giving your video an impactful beginning and end with animated slates, if you’re willing to let us talk to you about your idea then we can decide whether animation is the right route for you. 

Brands that trust us with their videos

Crowdfunder Logo
University of Plymouth Logo

Working with
the FAstnet Agency

Sarah from the Fastnet Agency wanted us to edit her self-shot vertical Facebook ad. Here she’s reaching out to prospective customers in need of e-commerce marketing assistance. We edited her clips together and added some flair with animated lines and callouts to make this advert stand out online. We can create animated ads:

(not all that)



but still things we thought you’d like to know!

Not at all. We pride ourselves on pricing competitively and only giving you want you need. As a guide, our projects start from £2,500. For a bespoke quote get in touch with us or book a call.

We know what each platform favours.

Whether this means creating square videos for feed posts, thirty-one second 16:9 ads for YouTube or unskippable social stories, we’ll be your guide through the confusing world of social media optimisation.

Where do you need us to be? We regularly film for our clients the length and breadth of the UK. Point to the map and we can have our crew there filming your content in no time.

The salty sea air focusses our creative minds…

But seriously we love living and working in Cornwall. It’s packed with creative people, an enviable work-life balance and we surprisingly have some of the fastest internet speeds in the country.

We have a team of talented editors working tirelessly to craft your videos and can have first versions of projects ready for review 48 hours after we’ve shot them.

We’ve got you. Making lots of content is kind of what we do! Book a call and let’s talk about the most time efficient and cost effective way of producing this exciting project.

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