YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, behind Google. So you’d be a fool to not optimise your efforts towards building your presence on the platform. With over 2 billion active monthly users on the platform, it is a must-have in your social strategy. So much so it may even need its own strategy. It may seem daunting, however, luckily for you here at Bull & Wolf Film Co. we are experts in making your brands presence on YouTube unmistakable. 

Join us as we take you through Bull and Wolf’s key points for creating a killer YouTube video strategy for success. Here are our top tips for making your brands YouTube ads unskippable.

Editing A Corporate Video

What Type of Ads Are Run on YouTube?


There are different variations of ads that are run on YouTube, all with different lengths, but they are all similar due to your approach having to be similar. You will hear phrases like “bumper ad” and “non-skippable ad” being thrown around by various YouTube production companies and they may sound like jargon, but they’re actually really helpful.

Put simply, there are ads that you can and can’t skip and they have various durations. A bumper ad is an ad that is 6 seconds long of which you cannot skip. There is then the non-skippable ad which is similar to the bumper ad but you have to watch in its entirety, and is typically 15-20 seconds long. And finally, there is the opposite of the aforementioned, the skippable ad. There is no limit on the length of this ad, however, it can be skipped after 5 seconds.

Farm Toys Youtube

How Do I Make My Youtube Ad Unskippable?


Here at Bull & Wolf, we’re experts when it comes to creating content that gets the job done (and then some). So we have a good idea of what your YouTube video strategy needs to succeed.


Bring the speed. Short and snappy cuts of your brand are the first port of call. Creating a video that engages your audience is of paramount importance, your aim is to draw them in longer than they typically would do for other ads, thus creating a lasting impression of your brand. 


Crafting your ad with the intention of it being used across all the ad formats is key, it will save time and money as well. Take our work with Farm Toys, for example, the opening scene is 6 seconds long (suitable for a bumper ad) as it is simple and gets the brand across easily. The ad continues for another 25 seconds, which suits the longer format ads, and showcases the products the brand has on offer. We took Farm Toys’ brief and created a variety of iconic scenes with the intention of it being repurposed, and when you work with us we can work with us, we can do the same. We pride ourselves on our storytelling and ability to bring our clients ideas to life through a creative video. 


Finally, our next big tip is: utilise the influx of mobile YouTube traffic when creating and fine-tuning your ad. More than half of all YouTube views are on mobile devices, so ensuring your brand content is tuned towards mobile is vital to viewer retention. At Bull & Wolf, we specialise in social videos, so this is our bread and butter. It is every YouTube video production company’s dream to have content that is easily optimised over various formats, including mobile. 



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