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We start by getting to know your business and your aims. Who’s involved and what are you asking your customers to invest in? Once we know this we can begin to plan the video. We know that the ideal Crowdfunder video is around three minutes long and it needs to be engaging throughout. But the key is capturing people’s imaginations right at the start. We will work with you to create a storyboard for the video so that every aspect has been considered. You need to ensure to include what it is you’d like to achieve, how your investors money will be used and what they will get in return. We can even help you script a video and record voiceover. 

Once the pre-production has been completed then we can shoot. You can take this opportunity to show your passion and appeal to your customer base for investment. We’ll also capture stunning and relevant footage to help illustrate your words. For example let’s see the customer’s favourite beer being pulled, the pint glass being filled and a satisfied customer having that first frothy sip. We can build nostalgia and then reveal that a new beer is in the works for example. 


We will take all of this and edit it all together so that the story flows and everyone comes across at their best. We use a hassle-free review platform to make the post production process absolutely painless. Once any changes have been made and you’re happy with the final video we will send you a download link and you can upload the video to your Crowdfunder campaign page and launch your exciting new project. At which point we’ll be the first to sit back with some popcorn and enjoy the show. We’ll also plant your trees for a project well done.


“Bull & Wolf get it. They understand what it takes to tell a brilliant story. They took a complicated brief in difficult circumstances and produced a beautiful short film that resonated with our audiences, partners and key stakeholders. We're looking forward to working together again and telling more brilliant stories.”
Murry Toms
Campaigns Director, Crowdfunder

Videos that get people

Red Elephant Beer Cellar wanted to expand and Crowdfunder is the perfect platform to allow their loyal customers to support them. They wanted to move to a bigger premises and they did it! Using our video which explained their plan they raised over £10,000 which allowed them not only to move but also open a second premises.

'You guys get what my business wants and needs, so it takes very little explanation from me'
Dom Lily

TOP TIPS for Crowdfunding

We make engaging fundraising videos that tell your story, shine a light on your business goals and keep your supporters in the loop. We have no doubt that your loyal customers will rally around your cause, but it takes a heartfelt story that is told well to convince people to part with their money.

So what do we need from you to start your crowdfunding journey? Give us a call. We’d love to hear about your business, what you’re aiming to achieve and help you to get there.

Brands that trust us with their videos

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Working with Crowdfunder

Crowdfunder approached us to create a celebration film telling the story of local football club Newquay AFC. The club was going through tough times with debt, facilities in need of repair and Covid-19 hitting. They started a Crowdfunder campaign and reached out to their fans, business partners and local community for support. The communities rallied around them and donated, this caught the eye of Sport England and Cornwall Council who both donated to the cause. 

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but still things we thought you’d like to know!

Not at all. We pride ourselves on pricing competitively and only giving you want you need. As a guide, our projects start from £2,500. For a bespoke quote get in touch with us or book a call.

We know what each platform favours.

Whether this means creating square videos for feed posts, thirty-one second 16:9 ads for YouTube or unskippable social stories, we’ll be your guide through the confusing world of social media optimisation.

Where do you need us to be? We regularly film for our clients the length and breadth of the UK. Point to the map and we can have our crew there filming your content in no time.

The salty sea air focusses our creative minds…

But seriously we love living and working in Cornwall. It’s packed with creative people, an enviable work-life balance and we surprisingly have some of the fastest internet speeds in the country.

We have a team of talented editors working tirelessly to craft your videos and can have first versions of projects ready for review 48 hours after we’ve shot them.

We’ve got you. Making lots of content is kind of what we do! Book a call and let’s talk about the most time efficient and cost effective way of producing this exciting project.

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