Devon Shooting Locations To Make Your Brand Video Stand Out

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Our allegiance may lie with the beautiful county of Cornwall, but we are no strangers to crossing the border into Devon and utilising the versatility that the county possesses. As far as scenery goes, Devon is home to some of the most spectacular scenery you will find anywhere in the UK. Not only does it boast rolling hills, rugged coastlines but also city architecture in the form of Exeter. The beauty of this particular city is that it isn’t too big to navigate but it also possesses a lot of sought-after shoot locations.


Devon-based locations have been a regular fixture on our screens in the form of the War Horse, Sherlock as well as the occasional Bond movie, so you can see the potential no doubt. As a result of the openness of the county and the ease of navigation, Devon was a popular location for many during lockdown when rules needed to be adhered to. And for many, it was a moment of realisation, Devon is a brilliant place to film things such as social ads


Join us as we run through the best locations in the county of the primrose to take your brand video to the next level. 





Located in the heart of South Devon, it is an area of stunning natural beauty, nestled between the beaches of Bantham and Challaborough. Bigbury Beach is one of the county’s most beloved beaches. It is also home to Devon’s own Burgh island. A very small island that is accessible at low tide by a strip of sand which is completely covered when the tide comes back in. With chapel ruins and an abundance of wildlife on the island, there is a lot to see. 


Burgh Island is the perfect place for brands looking to capture what it truly is to be a Devonian, with almost tropical conditions on a secluded island, it doesn’t come much more special than this.




East Soar to Overbeck’s Garden Walk, Salcombe



This short trail through Devon’s very own subtropical gardens unlocks a hidden paradise that would pass as somewhere abroad quite easily. This is the aforementioned versatility on show again, not every location in the county needs to be used to tie directly to Devon, but this garden trail could be used by any brand looking to bring a summer/tropical feel to their brand video



Exeter Quayside



The quayside in the heart of Exeter is rich in history and heritage, with a mixture of gothic architecture and the Devon hills lying in the background, it makes an ideal backdrop for any brand video. The quayside features 5-storey warehouses which once witnessed the hustle and bustle of trade and are now home to an eclectic mix of local businesses. 



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