How Animated Explainer Videos Can Transform Your Business

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You may have heard it discussed in one of your marketing meetings, but explainer videos are one of the most useful forms of video a business can produce. They offer an opportunity to take a complicated idea or process and break it down. This is typically done in a way that combines the best and most effective elements of both visual and written storytelling. This lends itself to creating a memorable video that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is impactful and insightful.

The use of animated explainer videos means that you’re able to take what may otherwise be hard to describe and make it interesting and engaging. Here at Bull & Wolf Film Co. we specialise in bringing your ideas to life, and if that means creating an explainer video, then we’re all for it. Throughout the course of this blog, we will outline why your business should consider using animated explainer videos to help generate more leads and elevate your business’


Animated videos require fewer moving parts



The beauty of an animated explainer video is that it doesn’t require all the moving parts that a live-action video would require, but delivers results just as effectively. A solely animated video removes all need for things such as camera crews, recording equipment and set locations. It instead can all be done by an animator or an animated explainer video production company. 

Here at Bull & Wolf, animated explainers are our forté. We have previously worked on a variety of different projects that all required different angles, due to the nature of their business. What this means for someone looking to work with us is that no matter the aim of your video, we can find the best solution for you. We can even create animated characters, should you want them!





Connect with your audience in a way you may have not previously



A big draw towards explainer videos, both from a business and consumer perspective, is their short, neat and engaging format. Attention spans are getting shorter, and consumers don’t want to face long, drawn-out videos that take up more of their precious time than necessary. This is why they’re the perfect type of video to feature on your home landing page. Designed perfectly for potential customers to get an idea of what you’re about, and what you can offer, without them losing interest or going elsewhere.


It is also a great way to invoke trust from your audience. When they see that you’ve considered what information is important to them and collated it into a well-produced animated explainer video, they will see you have their best interest at heart. 



Consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching an animated explainer video from your business.



According to HubSpot’s report on animated video statistics, 94% of people watch explainer videos to understand the product or service better. 84% of people then decide to make a purchase after watching the video. What this shows is the real opportunity that animated videos represent.




Is it time to consider an Animated Explainer Video for your business?



If you’re looking to generate more leads or sales for your business, why not try an animated explainer video? Here at Bull & Wolf, we’re seasoned professionals when it comes to telling stories in a visually compelling way. Get in touch with us today and let’s get to work!

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