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WE WORKED WITH CROWDFUNDER TO CREATE their first TV advert which went out on ITV Westcountry

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Crowdfunder approached us to create a TV advert that showcased a handful of projects in Cornwall all packed in to a tight thirty seconds. 


This advert was a true team effort between Crowdfunder’s Murry Toms and Simon Deverell, Bristol-based creative agency Something Familiar and ourselves. 


We were tasked with handling the production of the idea. 

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of footage
Eddie Izzard


We worked tirelessy with Crowdfunder and Something Familiar to finesse the idea and work out the logistics of creating the advert. 



Over three shoot days, the team travelled around Cornwall documenting just a few of the projects that the Crowdfunder platform has helped – from local hero Don Gardener at the Camborne food bank to the incredible work that Black Voices Cornwall does in educating the county about black history.


Packing just a handful of the great stories that Cornwall and Crowdfunder produces into only thirty seconds was a difficult task.   



It was also a great bonus to have the advert voiced by comedian and actor Eddie Izzard, who is herself a successful crowdfunder, having raised more than half a million pounds in January. 

We are excited about the prospect of creating many more impactful and engaging stories with Crowdfunder in the future. 

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'From the outset we wanted to tell the story of a big year for the business and the impact we've made in communities across the UK during the pandemic. The nature of Crowdfunder is so wide ranging that the biggest problem we faced was telling that story in clear and concise way for TV, through the stories of seven very different campaigns. In the end we produced a beautiful story of crowdfunding during the biggest crisis in a generation, as we now look ahead to the next in tackling climate change. Bull & Wolf understood that brief from the first moment and delivered a wonderful piece of storytelling.'

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