Notre Dame School Cobham

Drone, Education, Promotional
About This Project

This was one of our biggest projects to date, spanning 4 filming and photo days, 8 edits days, two preparation days and the delivery of over 20 social media optimised videos and 400 photos. We were approached in April 2019 to meet with the marketing team to discuss what could be done with video, and how it could be used in a unique and modern way to create content that made the most of modern social media. Using our digital first strategy we took on their idea of ‘spaces’ and turned it into a video series that showcased all that the school had to offer.


The Brief

To create videos that brought the school to life for potential students and their parents. We were to create social media optimised videos that covered everything from academics, to the arts, sports and unique location.



Our two and three person teams worked across 4 shooting days to capture video, photo and aerials, then spent 8 days in the edit to deliver over 20 different stories all optimised for web and social use.