Ordoo is a leading startup in the food-tech scene, pioneering a new way for venues of any size to take orders online without needing their own dedicated systems. They help to harness the power of mobile ordering to build up customer-centric information, working closely with cafes, coffee shops, lunch spots and bars to enhance the customer experience, improve order frequency and aid customer retention.


Ordoo approached us to capture case studies of Ordoo venues from across the UK, covering everything from cafes, to bars, restaurants and football grounds. The videos had to be of exceptional quality, with the interviews looking and sounding crisp and the cutaways relevant and stylish.

Whole Bagel Bath
Ordoo Roos


We travelled to Bath, Coventry and Colchester to capture a variety of venues, working with the Ordoo team and venue managers to get the best access and content. Where possible we tried to be as unimposing as possible, and were able to film in some amazing locations. Using our latest sound kit were were able to make sure we captured exceptional quality audio even in challenging environments.

So far we have produced 5 videos for Ordoo covering 5 different venues across three locations, as well as some social cutdowns to be used on venue social channels. Feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive and the videos look to have helped Ordoo with gaining new customers and enquires.


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