We were approached by Dom at Red Elephant Beer Cellar in Truro to produce a crowdfunding video that would support their expansion into new premises.


Dom wanted the video to be informative without overloading the viewer, getting across his passion for craft beer and how unique Red Elephant was in Cornwall.


The video was to be used on social channels as well as on the crowdfunding page to convert investors.


Creating a crowdfunding video means that we need to meet some specific requirements. Not only do we need to make sure that the video is engaging and informative, but we also need to ensure we get as much of those on camera as possible. Luckily, with someone as passionate about craft beer as Dom, we had no problems getting the content we needed.


Our strategy was fairly simple – the video was to be filmed across one day, with an interview taking placing in Red Elephant’s existing premises with a walking tour of the new shop so people could get an idea of what the space would be like. We wanted the interview set up to look dramatic, with beer in the background and a look that matched Red Elephant’s branding.


This was also one of our first post-Lockdown shoots, so we planned meticulously to make sure we met all the necessary requirements, including the wearing of face masks, provision of sanitiser and more.


So far the video has been a huge success, with Red Elephant Beer Cellar breaking 10% of the target in a matter of hours after the video launch.


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