WE WORKED WITH NHS Royal Cornwall Hospital to create a recruitment video for the Knowledge Spa.

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The Knowledge Spa team at NHS Royal Cornwall Hospital approached us to make an informative and engaging recruitment video to help them showcase the exciting world of medical research. The recruitment video needed to capture the variety on offer at RCHP with regards to research – this includes the clinical aspects, running trials and ward duties but also the admin and laboratory work. 


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The pre-production for this project was a challenge due to the amount of departments within the hospital that would need to be involved in the film. Research touches every aspect of the healthcare industry. And we needed to hear this from each department but they also have a hospital to run so organising the shoot days was a case of creating a detailed and comprehensive shoot plan, ensuring everyone knew where they needed to be be and when. And thankfully this paid off.


We really love these high key interviews with staff members – they remove the distractions of the office scene and allow the viewer to focus on the passion with which the staff members speak. 

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'Creative and professional are the first two words that come to mind when describing working with Joe and the team. We worked with Bull & Wolf Film Co. to create a video and social media content for our Plymouth Startup Weekend events, which support budding entrepreneurs in developing new business ideas. The team’s ability to film content seamlessly within the context of a busy event was fantastic and made a huge difference to the feel of the event itself, as well as producing some great content. Not only did they create some original material for us to use and build the brand of Plymouth Startup Weekend, but we really enjoyed working with them before, during and after our event!'


The remit for this project was to create a single video however we were able to offer RCHT social cutdowns of aspects of the film to support their social media recruitment drive and we have such a large bank of footage that we can now create content for them in the future using this exisiting library.


The film itself focusses on the story of research within the Royal Cornwall Hospital. We meet Casper who was diagnosed with cancer and the medical trial he participated in saved his life. It was important to include this story as it shows the importance and real-world impact of working in research.


We will be sure to check back with the team to see how the recruitment has progressed.


Our footage was even used in BBC Spotlight’s coverage of medical students volunteering during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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