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The Fastent Agency is going from strength to strength with the success of Sarah Leverton’s YouTube channel and their work with brands throughout Cornwall.


The Fastnet Agency utilises our editing experience and fast turnaround to help create engaging YouTube episodes and accompanying social adverts which send traffic to the channel. The channel consists of five to thirty minute episodes spanning a range of digital marketing methods, tips and tricks including how to create a marketing funnel, email marketing and a wide range of e-commerce focused episodes. 

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The first step for us was to creating the visual assets for the channel – how will it look and feel? 


While Sarah was planning the content of the episodes we created an intro montage showcasing some of the industries The Fastnet Agency works within and a glimpse at past work. Having a consistent, professional episode introduction really sets the tone for Sarah’s channel. This introduction is a living assets as well so we can add new projects in as The Fastnet Agency grows. 


We have also created assets like her custom subscribe button, Instagram handle and end slate where she is able to add past videos within YouTube. Viewers to her channel know what to expect, how to find past videos and new viewers are lead through the process, right from an advert on Instagram to how to subscribe and catch up on episodes they might enjoy.


A clear structure is an important part of a successful YouTube video, especially when you’re creating a video per week. This ensures that our editing turnaround times are very fast meaning that from shoot to delivery can be as quick as two days. 

Interested in creating your own YouTube series? 

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We’ve made a great start with The Fastnet Agency’s YouTube channel but this is just the start. The key to its success will be in continuing to release informative and clearly presented content while the audience grows. 


We create four episodes a month. Our team films each episode, ensuring that Sarah comes across at her best (this is the easy bit) and that we have the material to create any accompanying social ads. We have developed this into a very efficient process, filming the episodes in our studio at Bull&Wolf HQ.Then we ingest, media manage and edit each episodes, adhering to the winning formula and ensuring that the structure of the episodes matches the rest of the channel.


We add on-screen text, logos and graphics – basically anything that is relevant to what Sarah is discussing and would be useful for the viewer to see. Once we’re happy with the result we use our hassle-free post production process to make any changes that Sarah would like (which are very rare) and deliver the episodes on time for release. 


This process takes time and setting up a YouTube channel is not something to be rushed or taken lightly (though it’s important to have fun). Get in touch to learn more about how we can guide you in creating content for YouTube.



Thinking of setting up a YouTube channel for your business? No? Well this is why you should:

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Not at all. We pride ourselves on pricing competitively and only giving you want you need. As a guide, our projects start from £2,000. For a bespoke quote get in touch with us or book a call.

We know what each platform favours.

Whether this means creating square videos for feed posts, thirty-one second 16:9 ads for YouTube or unskippable social stories, we’ll be your guide through the confusing world of social media optimisation.

Where do you need us to be? We regularly film for our clients the length and breadth of the UK. Point to the map and we can have our crew there filming your content in no time.

The salty sea air focusses our creative minds…

But seriously we love living and working in Cornwall. It’s packed with creative people, an enviable work-life balance and we surprisingly have some of the fastest internet speeds in the country.

We have a team of talented editors working tirelessly to craft your videos and can have first versions of projects ready for review 48 hours after we’ve shot them.

We’ve got you. Making lots of content is kind of what we do! Book a call and let’s talk about the most time efficient and cost effective way of producing this exciting project.


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