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WE WORKED WITH THE FASTNET AGENCY TO CREATE social ads that generate leads - and it's working!

Want to engage new customers on social media?


We can guide you in social ads that will engage prospective customers and have you drowning in new leads. 


The Fastent Agency is going from strength to strength with the success of Sarah Leverton’s YouTube channel and their work with brands throughout Cornwall.


Sarah asked us to create two social adverts to promote lead generation for The Fastnet Agency. 

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We utilised the mysterious world of animation to create The Fastnet agency a pair of adverts that really stand out from the crowd.

Interested in creating your own social adverts?


Bull & Wolf Film Co. developed and edited a number of videos for us, which we used as part of our social media advertising campaigns. We ran these ads over a period of 2 months to kick start our business generation for 2021. The ads generated over 1000 link clicks, and resulted in 63 scheduled calls with potential new clients. This equated to an estimated additional £130k in annual revenue for the business. Needless to say, we were very happy with the results!


We created two adverts – both with different targets in mind. The 1:1 square formatted Instagram advert is a fantastic brand awareness piece for The Fastnet Agency – the animation stands out and not only engages viewers but holds their attention. 


The vertical e-commerce Facebook advert is a more out and out lead generator – Sarah highlights ‘pain points’ that viewers may be struggling with (for example you may not have video content that is working for you?) and then positions the Fastnet Agency as the solution. We’ve added little elements of animation to help this video stand out in the feed and overlaid this on the self-shot phone footage. And no, we’re not against phone footage – sometimes it’s exactly the right look for an advert, it’s personable and due to influencer marketing viewers are used to seeing similarly shot adverts. 


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Not at all. We pride ourselves on pricing competitively and only giving you want you need. As a guide, our projects start from £2,000. For a bespoke quote get in touch with us or book a call.

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Whether this means creating square videos for feed posts, thirty-one second 16:9 ads for YouTube or unskippable social stories, we’ll be your guide through the confusing world of social media optimisation.

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But seriously we love living and working in Cornwall. It’s packed with creative people, an enviable work-life balance and we surprisingly have some of the fastest internet speeds in the country.

We have a team of talented editors working tirelessly to craft your videos and can have first versions of projects ready for review 48 hours after we’ve shot them.

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