Stunning Cornwall Locations for Your Brand’s Promotional Video

Cornwall is the UK’s king of beautiful backdrops and iconic focal points. As such, it’s the perfect staging ground for your next promotional video. Picturesque, captivating and more than a little gorgeous, Kernow is home to some striking panoramas that will elevate your production and inspire your audience. Truly a videographer’s playground!

If your next brand video needs an extra helping of charm, look no further – we’ve compiled the county’s top 5 idyllic spots to take your promotional video to the next level.


Kennall Vale


Located alongside the village of Ponsanooth, this location is something out of a fairy tale. 

Situated in a valley, Kennall Vale was once the site of an old gunpowder factory but has since been abandoned and reclaimed by the land. The contrast between the lush green forestry and the industrial aesthetic is captivating, making this the ideal site for your Cornwall-based video production if a little bit of magic is needed.

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St Michael’s Mount


The fact that this medieval castle is the base for the filming of the Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon, is probably the worst kept secret in television. The beautifully preserved castle crowns an island near Marazion and is one of Cornwall’s most popular attractions. 

If your brand video needs a bit of timeless charm and an awe-inspiring backdrop, the truly unique site of St Michael’s Mount is one of Cornwall’s finest for the job.

The Roseland Peninsula


This is just about as Cornish as Kernow gets. Located in the county’s west-most region, the Roseland Peninsula is home to the quaint town of St Mawes and a handful of dazzling villages, including Gerrans and St Just. 

Packed with stunning beaches, quiet coves and rich heritage, the region is perfect if you need a versatile backdrop in which to stage your video production.





Chapel Porth


Now heading up to north Cornwall, Chapel Porth houses arguably the county’s most iconic and dramatic coastline. 

Old Cornwall lives on in the crumbling tin mines and ancient cliffs, while the sandy beaches and wildlife-rich environments make Chapel Porth an ideal natural stage to showcase your creativity.

The Helford River


An inlet crammed full of exciting spots – from campsites to waterfront pubs – sounds almost too good to be true. 

The Helford has them all, though, and tops them off with stunning scenery both on and off the water. This is one of Bull & Wolf’s favourite shooting locations – we highly recommend filming here!


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