What is digital first video?

As 2019 starts you may have noticed we have been talking a lot more about digital first video and editing for social. These are two terms that are increasingly being used to describe the very best of online video marketing. To put it simply digital first means online platforms. As a digital first video agency we are focussed on making content for the digital world, from the biggest social media platforms to immersive video experiences for your website.

For many businesses video marketing is a new experience and perhaps their main exposure to it would be TV style advertorials that follow the same format no matter where they are placed. But TV style adverts on social media don’t work. Brands need to stop expecting people online to engage with this rigid approach. Instead, brands need to embrace the possibilities of online media and use it to their advantage

This is not to say there is no longer a place for longer format video ads, but when they are used they need to have a narrative and purpose that fits where they are going to be placed. That’s why we also use the term ‘editing for social’ and ‘shooting for social’. Traditional video theory would say you should shoot and edit everything in landscape, yet we primarily engage with brands through our phones, which are all in portrait. This means we have to be conscious about how we shoot content at every step, reinventing filming to drive creative narratives in new formats. If we shoot in new ways we also have to edit in new ways, using our experience to create content that maximises screen real estate and engages the customers you want to hit. The biggest advantage of all of this? You don’t need big production teams and as a result you don’t need big budgets. Great social media content can be created for surprisingly low prices.

As the year goes on we hope to show you more and more of what digital first means and what it can do for your business. So if you’re ready to embrace the power of digital first video, get in touch with us today at info@bullandwolf.co or call us on 01326 450655

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